James Lucas

A New Perspective

To see what is before you in a single frame.  A happening all at once.  The theater draped against an infinity of never ending nothingness.  It is behind and over and under and around and through.  The act of failing to capture it leaves the mind in an enlivened confusion.

I was never at home in this world so I took my stride off into the deep without trepidation or lament.  I once thought myself an alien on this little blue planet.  The story however, is even more improbable and delightfully strange.  This little blue planet has found its home in me.

I am not a body.  I see a bubble, a window.  I peer at a halved globe.  When I stay home, a shimmering light, a warm wind, a wave of contentment fills the entire frame.  Periodically, in rhythm, the air escapes and collapses this globe.  The globe fills with air again and this is called night and day.

The mind quiets.  Not from discipline, or trance, or dullness.  The jaw has dropped and shattered by the explosion of silence.  The joy ecstasized from a single atom; it's delight in blinking into being; It is too much for the little heart of this human form to capture.

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