By Donna M

Until Arrives The Dawn

Wandering doesn’t mean lost

Tho the forest is thick and dark

But as soon as the sun peeks

Over the trees

The flame bursts from the spark

It takes a while to see the forest

When all the trees are filled

With endless scraps of what’s not real

And 'what’s happening' seems as killed

Sometimes it takes the mouths of babes

The gentle whisper of trust

To move the seeming unmovable weight

And the "mountain" whirls to dust

Nothing’s ever damaged

in the hurricane of fear

No matter how far the dream’s progressed

The Truth of Us is Here

No one decides just when to wake

That’s destiny ancient song

It’s just a moment’s play on play

Until arrives the dawn.

And then the Sun’s the brightest star

And new fields come in view

And do I need show Gratitude

When your shore needs mine too?

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