"Reflections on the Twelve Steps"

     Authored by Paul Hedderman     

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The Escape To Everywhere

     Authored by Paul Hedderman
     Edited by James Saint Cloud

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They are taken from the talks of Paul Hedderman, edited by James Saint Cloud.

Self is the Problem

The mind is obsessed with the idea of being a self. And it doesn’t recognize: That’s the dilemma . .


The Bowl

Simple witnessing, as the eye would witness a passing bird: That’s conscious contact . . .


The Noun Illusion: Life is a verb, not a noun

Each moment Life streams through the gates of the senses, fresh and new. That’s CONSCIOUS CONTACT. Then the mind hijacks it . . .


Two Modes of Being

There’s a neuroscientist I heard speak once. He said there is an ‘experiential self’ and a ‘remembering self’. . .


The Stolen Epiphany

As a body it seems, “If I become spiritual, it will bring advantage. So I'll try grafting some spirit onto me". . .


The Trip to What's Not Happening

In a while, if you don’t get engaged in the contents, you may become engaged in the CONTEXT — in the consciousness of what’s WITNESSING everything showing up — the station — instead of getting on the trains of thoughts and trains of feelings coming by, for them to carry you away . . .


The Waves and the Ocean

The wave can have exquisite suffering: All those crazy ideas that you can entertain when you believe you are separate from the ocean . . .


Planet Self: Enslaved to Thoughts?

The Planet of You provides the gravitational pull that keeps the thoughts circling . . .


The Solution

Do you want to be the thing that can be aware half the time, or do you want to be the awareness?


The Pot of Gold


(In its entirety here:) There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You ARE the gold. And you are spending your pot of gold seeking rainbows. --- Paul Hedderman.What is YOUR Experience with Paul?It is only now, AFTER exposure to Paul, that as I re-read Eckart and Tolle I realize on a truly profound level what they are telling us. I have no doubt that Paul’s talks have been THE KEY to unlock the meaning to full view. To open the door for life beyond the self . . .

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Reflections on the Twelve Steps

About Reflections on the Twelve Steps • Paul Hedderman


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