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Dublin, Ireland - April 6th to 9th
From Thursday 06 April 2017
To Sunday 09 April 2017
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Buddhist retreat in Dublin 4/6-9.

Thursday thru Sunday.


Paul will be speaking several times during this retreat:

Thursday sign in at 3pm. Talk starts at 7pm.

Friday and Saturday 9-9:30.

Sunday. 9-5:30  


The Emmaus Centre
Ennis Lane
Co. Dublin



It's Happening!!!  Dublin Retreat
Paul Hedderman and I met two weeks ago in Sausalito, California.  We have agreed to a plan to offer a joint retreat this Spring in Ireland from April 6-9, near Dublin, Ireland.  Paul will be initially focusing on addiction and recovery issues regarding attaining final freedom from the "selfing" dynamics that cause addiction and all suffering.  I will be expanding upon the same view further through the approach as presented in my book, "The Natural Bliss of Being".
I have found the Tibetan system of Dzogchen to be exceedingly powerful in bringing the mind into its fully "awakened" state; a state beyond all emotional suffering and addictive behaviors.  It should be a highly beneficial and unique retreat experience for all participants!
We have secured a wonderful retreat facility about 20 minutes from the Dublin airport by taxi.  The retreat facility staff will prepare all meals for us and will provide a total of 30 individual bedrooms.  We will be accepting only 30 participants.  Limited numbers of 2 person rooms will be available for those with partners.  No children please.  
The retreat facility package cost for the bedroom, all meals and snacks, is €275 euros or $295 per person. They will also offer vegetarian cuisine as requested. The tuition for the retreat is separately $200 or €190.  For those staying and eating off campus, the cost should be only the retreat tuition of $200 or €190 plus minor facility charges including snacks and refreshments during the several breaks.
However, they prefer that I collect all retreat facility amounts to forward to them as a single payment as they don't want to process 30 separate reservations. By doing it that way we also get a better group rate.
If interested please make a deposit of €475 euros or $495 to my Paypal account or if necessary make an initial payment of $200 or €190 immediately and an additional $295 or €275 within 30 days.  We currently have over 20 reservation requests for the retreat.  We expect to sell out in a week or sooner, so first come first serve!
PayPal deposits to account:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(Choose "Friends and Family" as to who you are "sending the payment" to, to avoid paying fees)
If not familiar with Paul's unique teaching, please watch several of his YouTube videos. I really like this one:
You can learn more about my teaching at:
The retreat schedule will be:  
Check-in begins at 3 pm on Thursday and the retreat begins at 7 pm Thursday, April 6. (Dinner Thursday not included)
Fri. and Sat. -
9 am to 9:30 pm  (with lunch and dinner breaks)
Sunday - 9 am to 5:30 pm.
The retreat facility:
Please email me with questions:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Jackson Peterson



Location Dublin